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 Mission Statement

We at The Kleen and Fresh Company will always maintain the highest quality and standards for our customer as well as striving to ensure the greenest practices to protect our environment.

The Kleen and Fresh Company History


Kleen and Fresh Carpet Systems were started in 1987. This operation began with a car pulling a very used Jartran Rental trailer, a portable carpet cleaning machine and two 5 gallon buckets. It paid to be young because I would not want to start that way today.


The company started with its first residential customer Mr. Michael Banko and Our first Commercial customer Sneakers Plus. We now have grown to over 2,500 active customers.  


In 1988 I purchased a Chevy Astro van to replace the aging rental trailer. This was when Kleen and Fresh got the look of a professional carpet cleaner. I was still using a portable cleaning machine.


In 1989 I met Jim Wulf of Magic Carpet Care at a local supplier that we both frequented.

He saw that I used a portable and asked if I was interested in learning how to clean carpets the right way. The next 3 years I did my apprenticeship with him and he taught me every aspect of the industry including building my own truck powered carpet and furniture cleaning equipment. This same unit is still in use today.


Jim and I are the only ones in our area that have built our own equipment. The process and the equipment are unique to our industry. This is what helps us stand out from the competition. Without Jims help and guidance I would not be the best carpet and furniture cleaner in the area.


In 1997 I met my wife and Partner in the Kleen and Fresh Company. Deborah came on board full time in the spring of 98 and in that year increased the business by 30%. Her business degree from MercerCountyCollege plus the skills she acquired through out her life made Deborah the perfect person to complement the business. She runs the office and is the pleasant voice you talk to when setting up your appointment.


In 2001 Aladdin Oriental Rug Cleaning Experts was started to compliment the in house carpet and furniture cleaning of Kleen and Fresh Carpet Systems. We pick up, clean and deliver high quality wool oriental area rugs from all over the 3 county area of Aladdin.


Since 2002 we computerized our trucks to better serve out customers. We look to stay up to date with the latest of technologies to give our customers the best service possible.


In 2006 The Kleen and Fresh Company added window cleaning due to the request of our customers. When I would be in our customers homes they would always ask who they could use to have their windows cleaned and after many years I was able to offer this service to them. With this service it was natural to add power washing to help our customers keep the outside of their homes clean as well as the inside.


We’ve added tile and grout cleaning in 2015 and with our Triple wash 3 step processes we know this will an outstanding addition to the Kleen and Fresh list of Services.  


In 2017 we've added Wood and Congoleum floor cleaning and sealing. With todays latest break through in composites The Kleen and Fresh Company is in the for front to better serve its customers. 

We put the common sense back into cleaning your home and business.


32 Years in Business!!!!! 1987 to 2019


We are the Best Cleaning Service in the Tri County Area.