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Pricing for wall to wall carpeting

Min Charge $195.00 + Tax

Moving furniture price: 0.62/sq.ft.

Traffic Lanes or open areas: 0.57/sq.ft.

Empty unit (5 rooms’ min.): 0.52/sq.ft.

Staircase (13 Steps): $75.00


Carpet Scotch Guard: 0.25/sq. ft.

Stairway Scotch Guard: $20500

Wool wall to wall: 1.50/sq.ft.

Wool stairway: $135.00

All pricing is based on the square footage of the area to be cleaned except staircases. To figure out the square footage of your carpeted area just measure the length times the wide. A= L x W.


Furniture Cleaning Pricing


Minimum Charge $195.00

Sofa and Love Seat: $29.00 to $34.00/ft.

Chairs: $60.00 to $120.00/Chair

Ottomans: $50.00 to $80.00/Ottoman

Scotch Guard quoted on request.


Sofa: $35.00 to $38.00/ft.

Chairs: $100.00 to $135.00/Chair

Ottomans: $65.00 to $105.00

Pricing for a sofa is calculated by the liner foot. 


Aladdin Oriental Cleaning Pricing

Min. Charge $200.00 +Tax

In house cleaning: $4.00/sq. ft.

Take out cleaning: $4.85/sq. ft.

Hand cleaning and specialty rugs: $6.00 to $10.00/sq. ft.

Pet urine take out only: $8.00 to 12.00/sq. ft.

Padding: $3.50/sq. ft.

Takeout includes pick up, cleaning, wrapping in craft paper and delivering of rugs. Other charges will be applied at the time of pick up or cleaning. We offer a full line of rug repairs and refringing.

Please call for pricing.


Tile and Grout Cleaning

 Min. charge $200.00

Back Splashes and wall tile. $2.75/sq.ft.

Floor tile with no grout lines $1.25 to $2.25/sq.ft.

Floor tile with grout lines $1.50 to $2.80/sq.ft.

Grout sealer, add .45/sq. ft.


Wood Floor Cleaning and Sealing

Min. Charge $200.00 +Tax

Wood Floor Cleaning $.85-1.85/sq. ft.

2 Coats of water base poly gloss finish $.45-.85/sq. ft.

Restaining of wood flooring. $.65 - $.85/sq. ft.



Congoleum and Pergo Flooring

Min. Charge $200.00 + Tax


Tile or Plank Flooring Stripping: $2:50/sq. ft.


Tile or Plank Flooring Cleaning: $1.00-1.85/sq. ft.


Floor Sealing 2 Coats: $.45-.85/sq. ft.



Window Cleaning Pricing

Please call for a free estimate.

Power and Soft Washing

Please call for a free estimate


The Kleen and Fresh Company reserve the right to change pricing. An estimate is given over the phone and before each job begins for all new customers. Other charges and fees will be applied at the end of each job.



Payment is due at the completion of each job. Any invoice not paid within 7 days of origin will be late and a $40.00 late fee will added. Any invoice over 30 days will be assessed a finance charge of 2.5% not to exceed 30% annually. Any customer in default of payment will be responsible for any fees (court filings, attorneys) incurred by the Kleen and Fresh Company to secure payment of over due invoice.


Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation or a $85.00 charge will be added to your bill.  This was instituted because of customers cancelling the morning of or the night before. We cannot replace that time with another customer on such short notice. We do understand if there is an emergency. Our job is to accommodate our customer to the best of our ability.

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