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At The Kleen and Fresh Company we use a 3 step process to clean your wall to wall carpeting and furniture.


    1.   We inspect all carpeted areas with the customer to see the condition they are in and what areas           will need special attention. This allows us to formulate the right solution for each job.

    2.   We spray an environmentally friendly biodegradable enzyme detergent across all the carpeting.                 The detergent we use is made with natural enzymes that are found in nature and are safe for your           family and pets.

    3.   Agitation of the carpet. Our power scrubber with counter rotating brushes lifts the pile and loosens           the soil from the fiber. The scrubber picks up any loose lint or hair. This step is used only on the           carpets that have soil severely ground in. Furniture is agitated using a hand brush and again only           on furniture that has severely soiled.

  1. Finally we rinse out the carpet with our supior drag tool using high pressure (700 to 1000 PSI depending on the carpet fiber) Hot Water (210 degree) vacuum extraction. Over 30 horsepower of vacuum is used to get 98% of the moister out of the carpet. This allows the carpet to dry normally in 2 to 3 hours condition permitting*. Finally we broom out all of our marks to leave your carpet show room new.
  2. Furniture is cleaned in the same respect as the carpet but at a much gentler application of the process. Hand brushing is used for the agitation and an upholstery tool is used to extract the soil and detergent from the fiber. Delicate fibers are dry cleaned with an environmentally safe solution. This is applied with a hand bonnet.

*May take longer to dry if higher humidity is present*


Aladdin’s Wool Rug Cleaning Process

We combine old world craftsmanship with today’s technological advances


  1. Each Rug is thoroughly inspected for the type and needs of the rug. Depending on the age, type and condition of the rug this will dictate the cleaning it will be given. We can either dry clean or wet clean your rug.
  2. Wet cleaning includes prespraying of rug and treating areas that need specific attention due to heavy soiling. Pet problems are treated with antibacterial to kill germs.
  3. The rug is hot or cold water extracted to deep clean and remove all soil and treatments from the fiber.
  4. The fringe is hand brushed and cleaned using an upholstery tool to individually clean each strand of the fringe.
  5. If your rug requires dry cleaning we can do this by hand or machine using an environmentally friendly solution.


Other companies will argue that there process for cleaning is the best. We at the Kleen and Fresh Company feel that this is the most thorough, effective and environmentally safe way to clean your rugs. For more details please contact us.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process


  1. Triple wash floors via 3 step process, high pH clean, acid cleaning and neutral wash. Priced by the sq.ft.
  2. High pressure hot water from our exclusive Kleen and Fresh truck powered machine.
  3. We use multiple high volume drying fans to get your floor as dry as possible.
  4. Grout sealer is applied with an application tool.


Window Cleaning


  1. Windows are examined to see what condition they are in and if window scrapers can be used.
  2. Soft mops apply cleaning solution to windows
  3. Windows are scraped only if they require it and no damage can be done to the window.
  4. Soft mop is reapplied with cleaning solution and removed with rubber squeegee.

            All customers get new scraping and rubber blades on each job.

  1. All sills are wiped down inside and out and screens are cleaned if they are made available.
  2. Screens are replaced.

Wood, Pergo  and Congoleum Floor Cleaning

  1. Floors are pre-vacuumed. All edges are taped to protect baseboard and kick plates.
  2. We use the minute man machine that applies a specialized no rinse detergent to the floor which is agitated and extracted back into the machine.
  3. Once dried a satin or gloss finish can be applied to the flooring.
  4. Power driers dry the floors with in 30 minutes. Curing takes approximately 24 hours. Pets should be kept off during this time.
  5. Tape is removed and you are ready to use you clean floor.

We put the common sense back into cleaning your home and business.


32 Years in Business!!!!! 1987 to 2019


We are the Best Cleaning Service in the Tri County Area.