Kleen & Fresh Company Specializes in Oriental Rug Cleaning

Discover how we clean and restore area rugs in Milford, NJ

Oriental rugs, also called area rugs, are a focal point in any room. However, dirty rugs can draw attention for the wrong reasons. Scheduling routine oriental rug cleaning is smart if you want to preserve your area rugs and keep your space looking neat.

Kleen & Fresh Company provides area rug cleaning services to residential and commercial clients in Milford, NJ and surrounding areas. Our oriental rug cleaning specialists combine old-fashioned craftsmanship with modern technology to...

  • Kill germs left by pet urine
  • Clean and beautify delicate fringe
  • Remove stains without damaging your rugs

Arrange for area rug cleaning services today.

When is a good time to fetch your rugs?

When is a good time to fetch your rugs?

We've got specialty oriental rug cleaning equipment at our Milford, NJ facility, so allow us to pick up your area rugs for cleaning. You'll be amazed by how vibrant and beautiful your rugs look when we return them to you.

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